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ZF-390B Fully Automatic Multi-Funtion Paper-Sticking & Envelope Forming Mach

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Performance features

This machine is applicable to process Chinese type 1-7, western type 1-7 international envelope and commercial envelope, first day celebration envelope and similar paper bags in national standard. It’s adopts air suction type bottom paper-extracting system and feed paper without a pause, With compulsive correction system, cross pressing line and vertical creasing parts can be in high speed running and guarantee the accuracy of finished products, rotary gluing system suitable for any shape of glue line. Stepless speed regulator control silicone paper width, gas suction roller ensures the paper correctly posted on the tongue of envelope. Cross folding unit equip with air suction cylinder buckler folding mechanism to make sure machine working in high speed steady. Collection unit equip with electronic counter and grouping system, convenient for final packing. Drive system adopts synchronous belt to reduce noise.

Technical parameters


Maximum Working Velocity

11000 pcs/h


Applicable Paper Ration

70-157 g/m2


Processing Standard Envelope Specification


Chinese Type

Code  100*110 mm  176*230 mm


Western Type

Code  80*80 mm      176*230 mm


Motor Power

2.2 kw


Air Pump Power

3.0 kw


Machine Weight

2000 kg


External Dimension

4100*1000*1400 mm

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