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WF-220A Type Of Chinese Style Stickers Envelope Machine

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Performance features

WF-220A automatic Chinese sticker strip envelope (flat bag) machine is applicable to process Chinese type  code 1-10#, at the same time, finish pasting the release paper during envelope production, WF-220A with high production efficiency, stable performance, convenient operation, adapt air suction type bottom paper feeding system, and supply paper without a pause, adjust the release paper length with stepless speed change. And collecting section has electronic counting and grouping system in order to pack finished products. It is the ideal equipment for producing Chinese envelope.

Technical parameters


Maximum Working Velocity

8000 pcs/h


Applicable Paper Ration

70 – 157 g/m²


Minimum Finished Product Specification

110 – 120 mm


Maximum Finished Product Specification

324 – 458 mm


Motor Power

2.2 kw


Air Pump Power

3.0 kw


Machine Weight

3000 kg


External Dimension

4300*1300*1650 mm

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