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Service support

We are a professional printing and packaging manufacturers plan to invest in the project team, set consulting, supply, installation, commissioning, training, equipment maintenance, spare parts supply, with the old for new and other one-stop service.

Our team provides you with a complete and detailed product knowledge consultation and suggestion, in the service of our team, will help you in the shortest time to understand the product information you need to make an ideal decision.

Provide product
Our team will provide you with the first-class professional equipment and stable logistics gives you the guarantee accurate delivery.
Installing and debugging
Professional team to provide you with the most rapid, the most professional equipment installation work, and with the fastest time to complete the commissioning of the equipment, normal production.
In our team of professional training, you will be fully grasp the use of equipment and maintenance, and can be in a short time to the machine's work efficiency to the extreme.
supply of spare parts
We will quickly provide you with the original accessories, only the original parts we provide to ensure that your machine is all powerful and stable production and extend the service life!
To old for new
We provide you with an ideal solution for sustainable and efficient production - with the new service, and the old equipment that you purchased from us or elsewhere, and to buy a new machine, so that you can always use efficient production equipment.
24 hours service hotline
Problems are likely to occur at any time. So our service team to provide you with 24 hours a day of telephone service. You can call our local 24 hour service hotline, at any time to get in touch with professional and technical experts!

Enjoy our professional services that we offer you, save your time and money;
Improve your efficiency and profit. We provide you with professional, efficient, honest service.