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Foreign trade clerk

Proficiency in the use of Southeast Asian countries and other countries to send foreign language work

1, recognition of corporate culture, work attitude, love learning, patience. Good personality, good professional quality, comprehensive quality. Have a strong ability to adapt to the environment. Can bear hardships and stand hard work, diligent and pragmatic, and the ability to work with pressure.
2, skilled use of Southeast Asia and other places of language, fluent in spoken English, good at communication, able to develop independently.
3, love the mechanical foreign trade sales, with the ability to operate independently and challenge new market confidence.
4, the mechanical industry foreign trade sales experience is preferred!
5, working place: Vietnam, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian region
6, high salary interview

Chairman Secretary

Sales management

After-sale repairing

Talent view

Those afraid of
Fear of failure.
We are eager to have a spirit of adventure and indomitable young talents to join our team. We favor those who find hope in failure, not those who are challenged by the fear of failure.
Those who keep pursuing
Self developing talent.
We won't hire people who don't do anything to be successful. We pay attention to the people who have the ability to improve their knowledge and ability, they can achieve success. Even if you have been successful in the beginning, you can't always succeed in the face of those who keep trying to develop themselves. We offer a chance to those who know the patience value and hard work of young people, and those who are able to realize the leap by strengthening their own abilities.
Know how to
People who work and live together..
True leaders trust and take care of everyone around them. They know how to cooperate and tolerate. Only the leader takes the social virtues and the social virtues, for all the members, the society can become more beautiful. This is the value we value.