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NB-1100DZ-1650DZ Fully Automatic Front-suction Laminator

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Performance features

·         The front suction Feeder has special designed nozzle, feeding stability, simple operation and glossy paper width size switching not need too much adjustment like traditional feeder, save time, improve efficiency, and its flexible transformation for artificial feeding and automatic feeding (patent technology).

·         Glossy paper side pneumatic lateral pushing rules greatly improve the lateral positioning accuracy of surface paper and ensure the quality of laminating.

·         Wallboard integrally cast forming and aging treatment make it stable of deformation.

·         Original washing device make the back of the paper non-stick adhesive and reduce the waste.

·         Centralized control touch screen and high resolution realize the man-machine dialogue interface, real-time dynamic monitoring the machine running state make it more convenient and quick for adjustment and troubleshooting.

Technical parameters

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