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BG-D Type Cup Lid Forming Machine

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Performance features

BG-D cup lid forming machine is a new product, which is designed improved and created by our technicians according to the demand of market as well as the “GMP” and “QS” standard. the Paper Cup Machine adopt the advantages of many plastic forming and packing machines, and it can complete the hole punching synchronously, thus avoid the cross pollution made by manual work, what’s more it guaranteed the production to meet the standard of “GMP” ,“QS”

Technical parameters

生产能力     Produce Speed


模具冷却     Cooling Of Mould

自来水或循环水Tap water or circulate 60L/h

行程范围     Stroke Range

60-120mm Air Pressure

最大成型面积 Maximum Forming Area

220V 50Hz

电源总功率   Total Power


压缩空气     Air Pressure


硬片         Hard Sheet


整机重量     Weigh


外形尺寸     Overall Dimensions


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