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GSZP-D Type Automatic Paper Plate Machine

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Performance features

GSZP-D automatic paper plate machine is developed and designed by the market demand. It combines pneumatic and mechanical theory, with high speed and safety feature. The new design makes more safety operate and easy maintenance.


Technical parameters

纸碟直径     Paper Plates Diameter

4-16/inch,其他规格other sizes(长方形或特殊规格)

定额生产率   Productivity

20-50/(单工位) individuals/min(1-Position)

电源         Power

220V 50Hz

装机功率     Installed Power


重量         Weight


装箱尺寸     Packing Size


配套气源要求 Supporting Gas Requirements

工作压力 work pressure:0.6Mpa
工作压力 Working gas:1m2/min

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