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WT-D Automatic Paper Cup Handle Machine

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Performance features

WT-D Double wall paper cup machine is a necessary accessory to WT-D paper cup machine. It has advanced craft, reasonable design, automatic operation and other advantages. It can feed paper automatically, sea paper, extrude glue, unload cups, conglutinate outside paper onto the cup, alarm trouble, count, etc.

Technical parameters

纸杯()尺寸 Paper Cup (Bowl)size

60-20oz or 20oz or 60oz

纸张厚度    Required paper

底白纸张(200-300g/m²) White plank paper of ash bottom(200-300m²)

生产能力    Rated productivity


电源        Electrical supply

220V 50Hz或者 or 380V 50Hz

总功率      Total power


重量        Weight


外形尺寸    Overall dimensions


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