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Performance features

The corrugated cardboard production line is mainly made up of the following parts: raw paper stand, single-roller pre-heater, single facer, overbridge, multi-roller pre-heater, pasting machine, binding & drying machine (double facer), sheet cutting machine, paper separating & line pressing machine (slitting machine), paper transmitting stand, cut-off machine, stacking machine, glue making system, electric control system, etc.

Workflow the raw paper roll shall be sent to the raw paper stand for unfolding, treated with heating and humidity regulating in the single-roller pre-heater, sent to the single facer for further heating, flute-pressing, pasting and binding into the single-side corrugated cardboard; then the single-side corrugated cardboard shall be pulled onto the overbridge by the lifter of overbridge frame for orderly stacking and then for one more time heating in the multi-roller pre-heater and for flute edge pasting in the pasting machine and for cardboard binding and forming together with the bottom surface paper in the binding & drying machine; lastly the output cardboard shall be shaped into pieces of required cardboard through precise cutting by the paper separating & line pressing machine and cut-off machine which shall be orderly stacked and output by the stacking machine.

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