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Sanxing company selected outstanding products in various fields,
Ensure the quality and effectiveness of your business.

Performance features

It is applicable for products such as phone cards, game cards, greeting cards, hang tags, packaging bags, unfolded cartons, labels, envelops etc as well as thicker products such as folded leaflets, promotion flyer^small booklets, magazines and so worth.

Simply load the products into the feeder's material tank. It will separate the objects out one by one and feed them into the target receiving container swiftly by a triggered-on-demand manner. Easily make inkjet printer or laser jet print and spray the manufacture date, batch number, security mark, packaging pattern and so worth. Reducing manual operation error as well as saving labor cost and improving printing efficiency.

It can be used stand alone on your packaging line, or be integrated in to a parent packaging machine such as a flow wrapper, a vertical form-fill-seal machine, a 3-D Overwrapping machine, a shrink wrapping machine, or on a bottling line and so worth.

Technical parameters

Feeding Capactiy
Material Size
Power Control System Power Supply
Machin Dimensions
Machine Weight
Servo motor drive, PLC control 110/220V/450W

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